Freitag, 11. Juli 2008


I see you really want to help the family. I normally hate Soldiers and Wars. But you are Soldiers with Heart.
BUT...I have not so much informations as you believe!!!!
I have just one Clue to the Killers, but I DON´T KNOW WHO THE KILLERS ARE! I just got a Foto. Is a Foto of a Nail. I go this Foto from a Korea guy, called Bri Ant, he told me, that a Scientist has something to do with this Killers. He told me something, i first could not believe.
It seems that this Killers are coming from the Future. They should be something like Replicants, the scientist works for a Company, colled the Rellty Corporation.

They want eliminate Thomas Dahlem, Sarah and get the Child for make some tests in the Future. The leader of them is a , is a "combat model".

That´s all i know. Is it true or false? I don´t know. This Story is crazy, but ...who knows!

I also do not know how to use the Nail Foto.

And I can not control so much people on the Ship. But as I saw, you are more than 100 Soldier. That will be easy for you.

I don´t know stuff about the other 2 Killers. I believe, if you find the first one, then he can give us Clues to the next.

So please be Careful. Seems to be special Killers.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello charline.
we need that photo.
Please, publish the photo on your blog.
we must recognize the first killer!


Nick K hat gesagt…

Hello, I am soldier Nick under the command of general Carmine. We need that nail photo, right away please give us the photo so we can start finding the killers!

Sebastian hat gesagt…

Thank You Su Charline Ines, you do the right, the right for the family, thank you very much!!! But now, we need this Photo. Please, give us this Photo, it is very important, we must stop the killer! We do everything for this family, but we need your help, this Photo. Yes, we are over 100... Soldiers, that want to help... Now, is time to act for the soldiers, stop the killer... but, you hold the answer in your hand, this Picture... Please, give us this picture, Please...

Vlaka hat gesagt…

Please we need the photo..... it is urgent!

Joker hat gesagt…

I don't know what to say to make you understanding how much i'm please to you. (I hope i've say in a right way XD)
You made the first step to help us and thomas. But, i'm sorry, but i have to ask something again to you. We need the photo. With that, the capture of the first killer will be a matter of hours.
This is my email:
Please send me, we need that, and we need that as soon as you can.
Bye Bye

Blueghost hat gesagt…

Hi again charline.
thank you very much for your help. it's REALLY important to us to have the more help that we can, we are sldiers, but without the right informations, we can do nothing. it's thanks to people like you that we will be able to save the family.
Now, you have this Nail Photo. That will shurely be important for our misson. so i ask, please, post it in your blog, or even in our facebook if you can (you know the link i think). we have to see all the photos, we have to know all the informations you have. Help us, charline, help that family!


P.S.: I hope there aren't too many errors in this message...

Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm soldier Anna Chiara.
Please,give us the photo.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Goodmorning Charline,
i'm Alfredo Postiglione, a soldier under the direct orders of General Carmine.
While we speak there are persons on that ship who risk to die...
We have no time...No time to conquer your confidence.
I'm so sorry for this, but i belive you can understand the situation.
I have been the first one to speak with Thomas...i don't want that he dies...i want to protect him and his family...please, give me this chance...please Charline...

Alfredo Postiglione

Anonym hat gesagt… question...
are you part of ???

Alfredo Postiglione

Lucero de Albuquerque hat gesagt…

Thank you... I know you don´t will disapoint us and will follow your heart and make the right thing.

They are from the future? That will be hard but we are special soldiers too, don´t worry... In the end, we will suceed.

I heard about time travellers on the internet, but and about paradox? Is possible change the future? Why this journey? Why travel to past to catch the baby?

The baby will be powerfull enough to be impossible stop him in the future? Interesting...

Maxyeah hat gesagt…

Hi charline!
I'm the soldier Massimo Grassi (aka Maxyeah).
Please, the life of thomas is in our hands, give us all the information you have about the killer to make us able to find and kill them!