Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2008

Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2008

My English is too little good to write, and then leave translate to google. I discovered today, quite late, this whitespace:
and I am terrified! the girl is me! the necklace is mine!
I was going to try to discover where Thomas Dahlem lives . I asked several people, I lost a lot of days, until someone told me that Sarah and Thomas were often in a certain Cafe. I arrived at this and saw a girl who corresponded with the description: blonde, high around 1.73 and so on. I wanted ask her questions, I asked her to please come in the corridor leading to the bathroom because the music was too high-but as soon as I said "aladygma" or "thomas dahlem" has going like crazy. And we quarrelled, she was beating me .But_ most strange!! THERE WAS NO ONE ELSE IN THIS CORRIDOR; ONLY ME - SHE-AND A WOMAN WHOWAS SITTING THERE ---- WHO THE F::: HAS DONE THE VIDEO ????? More and more I think that this page aladygma is...., a kind of crazy computer, which sees things without being present or things of the future, I BEGIN to be afraid!

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2008

Freitag, 11. Juli 2008



I see you really want to help the family. I normally hate Soldiers and Wars. But you are Soldiers with Heart.
BUT...I have not so much informations as you believe!!!!
I have just one Clue to the Killers, but I DON´T KNOW WHO THE KILLERS ARE! I just got a Foto. Is a Foto of a Nail. I go this Foto from a Korea guy, called Bri Ant, he told me, that a Scientist has something to do with this Killers. He told me something, i first could not believe.
It seems that this Killers are coming from the Future. They should be something like Replicants, the scientist works for a Company, colled the Rellty Corporation.

They want eliminate Thomas Dahlem, Sarah and get the Child for make some tests in the Future. The leader of them is a , is a "combat model".

That´s all i know. Is it true or false? I don´t know. This Story is crazy, but ...who knows!

I also do not know how to use the Nail Foto.

And I can not control so much people on the Ship. But as I saw, you are more than 100 Soldier. That will be easy for you.

I don´t know stuff about the other 2 Killers. I believe, if you find the first one, then he can give us Clues to the next.

So please be Careful. Seems to be special Killers.